Be love.

I live my life as a prayer. I am a guide for a sacred way of living.  I study the wisdom traditions and apply them to our collective experience in this 21st century. "I am love." is my mantra that I repeat on the good days and on the hard days.  

I encourage my readers to find their own way to "be love".  


Live love.

When we let go of fear and that wanting feeling we allow gratitude, forgiveness and love to flow through us.  We need to make room in our lives for abundance, acceptance and happiness.  Living with love is an amazing mindset opening us up to the possibilities that we could never have imagined.


Create love.

The prayer chords and intentional jewelry spring forth from my own hands through Divine inspiration.  They are spiritual tools for women connecting to their soul's purpose.

My home is the ultimate loving expression of my creativity. A humble home bursting with love. (Unless the kids are fighting . . . let's keep it real.)


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