Renee TarantowskiDec 16, 2017

Asking for a Sign

Do you ever ask God or the Divine for a sign?

I do.  All.the.time. 

Once I asked for a sign if I should have another baby . . . and I was already pregnant.  Then I asked for a sign if this should be my last one and . . . I nearly died in childbirth!  That's a pretty good sign!

The past few years I keep asking for signs that don't require me to get last rights.  The Divine and I have a pretty good gig going right now.  

Tonight on my way to church I was thinking about things I started but didn't finish because I didn't believe in myself.  Naturally my thoughts came to this blog, how it started just by listening to the voice in my head, how it all seemed to work.  I love the idea of being the 5 Minute Mindfulness Momma but really . . . does anyone care?  Will it make a difference?

During the Homily he ended with suggesting that people take 5 minutes a day to be silent, to be still and just leave all the distractions behind.  I smiled and my eyes filled with tears.  And I thought--dang that was a quick response.

I'll see you Monday on Facebook for another 5 minutes!

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