Renee Tarantowski

In my next life . . .
or is it just part of my DNA?

As I carefully picked the hosta leaves that were just the right size — I needed the perfect backdrop of green texture that points upward. These particular hydrangeas were picked because they were falling over onto the walk. The Fuschia . . . I have three varieties for the hummingbirds to fill their bellies. The butterflies love them too!

Each chosen for a reason.

As I arranged my harvest, I thought, “in my next life, I want to be a gardener.” Then I thought — I am a gardener. These two ideas just kept bumping around in my brain.

I often say, “in my next life . . .” filling in the blank with a gardener, baker, fiber artist, potter, famous writer, teacher, chef the list goes on and on.

Today something shifted.

What if I have already been all of those things — passed down in my DNA? My grandma was a basket weaver and farmed with my grandpa; my mom loved to read/bake, my dad loved animals and being on the water.

I have a meditation teacher, La Sarmiento, who begins a meditation where we imagine being supported by all those who had come before us and or helped us get to where we are. The first time I totally checked out on the rest of the meditation and was lost in thought about all people — going back in time to places in Michigan with the Ojibway tribe and Poland. From that moment on, when I walk, I often think about those who have walked on that same Earth. Last summer, I slept under the Hemlock trees in the U.P. and thought of all those who took refuge in that same place. So I feel, at times, a profound connection.

As I arranged the flowers, I thought of La.

Who knows how my soul will show up next. I know now that I am blessed to have my DNA swirl with beauty taking forms in so many ways. A deep bow of gratitude.

May we all awaken to the light of our true nature.

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