Renee TarantowskiJan 5, 2018

A Simple Prayer

Beloved, help me see this life through the eyes of an angel. 
Thank you.

Some days are harder than others. In these simple moments of discord, I need a minor adjustment in attitude to see the love in each moment.  

Then, just like that . . . I am love again.  Full.  Wholehearted. 

Beloved, help me see the people who mean the most to me, through the eyes of an angel.  Thank you.  Repeat as often as you needed.

Renee TarantowskiDec 14, 2017

Our Daily Bread/Meditation

Today began my public daily meditation practice on the facebook page.  

Honestly, I'm a little nervous about doing this.  Why?  I'm not sure.  It is me, sitting in silence with whoever shows up or watches later . . . I'm offering myself in a vulnerable way.  That is what makes me a tad nervous.  

I'm almost to the point where I don't really care what people think . . . most of the time I'm in that place . . . but doubt creeps in every so often.  

If you want to set up a meditation in 2018, you know where to find me --> here.

Renee TarantowskiDec 8, 2017


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

That's grace.

To lift up when it is much easier to put down.

That's grace.

To not return unkindness with unkindess but instead meet it with love.

That's grace.

To listen when I'd rather talk.

That's grace.

To stand in their shoes.

That's grace.

Tonight I was as graceful as a gazelle.  It doesn't always work out this way.  Typically, more like a bull in a china shop.  

Tonight I needed to be full on graceful, breathing in calm and exhaling any stress that I felt.  Soon I was breathing in calm and exhaling love.  I'm sure that is what gazelles do.

Renee TarantowskiNov 28, 2017

I choose love.

I choose love. 

My kitchen is a cookie making disaster. 

One lost wallet 

One broken iPod. 

Another bowl of exploding oatmeal.

In all of this, and more, I choose love. 

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