Renee TarantowskiDec 27, 2017

Visiting Home

Parts of Ann Arbor feel like home and some parts don't.

Kind of bittersweet.

When I moved away, the first time, I was single and had the world by the tail. I left a deal on the table to own a grocery store/deli.

When I moved back, I was married with an 8-week old baby--living outside of the "loop".

I didn't realize that I was a different person when I came back.  No longer single, no longer free to be.  

When I moved away, the second time, I had 4 kids . . . the city that I loved as a single woman looked very different during this season of my life.

Home is the place where you belong; single or married, sans kids/or many, fancy job/homemaker.  What matters is how you feel when you are there.

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