Renee TarantowskiJan 13, 2018

Saturday Morning


College Campus Tour.

College ID camp.

Woke up to no creamer . . . 4 degrees outside.  Can I just drive to the store in my robe?

Crossants baked.

Now the chore of picking up after everyone and begging them to take care of their own stuff.  It angers me that I have allowed myself to live in a way that is out of alignment with my true north. My ideal is that we would have only what we need.

A week after the huge project that took months--my first bites were only 15 minutes a weekend, then daily 15 minute bites and then I knew I would have time over Christmas vacation.  In the last hours of that vacation is when I finished the enormous project.  I ate the elephant one bite at a time.

The basement project was life changing.  The same way death, divorce or a deadly diagnosis.  It was a journey inside of my Hero's Journey.  

Until we meet again.

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