Renee TarantowskiFeb 9, 2018

Finding My Worth

Did you know I write for a publication called Medium?  It's an amazing place for writers and readers!

Finding My Worth is a story that I published on Medium.  It is about the journey that I'm writing about but I think many of us are living.  I am the writer for our story.

Finding my Worth

a lesson in the importance of writing

I had been approved as a Writer for the Publication on Medium called Writer Mom. My first submission was a stretch and was declined. I decided to wait for life to happen . . . for life to give me a great submission and it delivered. The essay weaved motherhood, mindfulness and menopause in a way I had never intended, so we know it is from the Divine. It was a transformation moment where life stops and we have those “before and after” moments.

Thank you Kurt!

An OL friend commented on my most vulnerable post and this was my reply:

The only way to describe it is like this: I was born perfect in the image of the Divine and life kept chipping away at me until I wasn’t recognizable. The last decade I’ve been gathering those bits of me: cleaning, polishing, rubbing off the jagged edges, unknowingly under the watchful eye of the Divine. I’m reborn and ready to get to work. Thank you so much for your support.

Kurt is on my team. Kurt knows my heart. I need more Kurts. Kurt brings out the best in me.

I Discovered My Worth Through Community

I’ve found my self with a hodge podge of people in my life that love and support me. A motley crew that I could not and would not have picked. They have each entered my life in such a random way. Frank McKinley, Jewel Eliese, Dawn Benson Jones, Grammy Dawney Glenn, and of course Kurt.

In this online business world we are told to find our tribe . . . of course I do every thing ass backwards and my tribe has found me.

Maybe, that is how it should be? Rather than looking for love in all the wrong places . . .

maybe we should let love find us.

Maybe, I’m a girl who is loved in a special way by the very people whom help me find each fragment? Once I find a bit of myself then maybe someone else enters my life to help me polish, clean or work on those jagged edges. In this chaos, the Divine has the master plan.

Maybe, this is what love is?

Love is where we all walk each other home.

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